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Apostles David and Wanda have been blessed with an awesome apostolic team.   Apostles David and Wanda understand the importance of teamwork.Their motto is that it takes teamwork to make dream work.


TCOR's Apostolic Team has been together for over twelve years.  As they travel bringing healing, salvation and deliver to many God's hand of approval with them.

Apostle Wanda possesses a strong anointing for raising up apostolic teams. She raised up several times. These men and women that you see are on this page are the original team of TCOR since then she has raised up several more teams in TCOR.

If you would like her and team to come minister at location near you please feel free to call or email our administrative office.


Telephone: 919-810-4878

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Apostle Dawn Johannes

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Prophetess Priscilla McQueen

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Apostle Immanuel McCoy