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In 2001, after Apostle Wanda Wilkerson had promoted to office of the Apostle the LORD gave her a mandate to establish an apostolic where five-fold ministry leaders could come together, work collectively as an organism (and not an organization) to enhance, and advance the kingdom of God on the earth.


The network would consist of churches, ministries and cutting-edge leaders and ministers around the world. It also consists of leaders and ministries that understand the importance of covenant relationship.

After much prayer Apostle Wanda Wilkerson and her husband David Wilkerson established TCOR Apostolic Worldwide Network in Bronx, New York. In 2005, when Apostles David and Wanda Wilkerson relocated to North Carolina and reestablished the network there.


In 2007, after the network had been reestablished Apostle Wanda Wilkerson established TCOR Apostolic Training Center. By that time that her and her husband Apostle  David Wilkerson had relocated to Garner where they had established TCOR Apostolic Training Center then  in 2012, TCOR Apostolic International Ministries was established and became part of the  of the network.


As apostolic leaders of TCOR (The Coalition of Reformers) Apostles David and Wilkerson goal and ministry are to establish a continuing network of apostles, prophets and pastors based upon strong covenant relationships and accountability.

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Apostles David and Wilkerson
Apostolic Coverings 

Apostles David and Wanda Wilkerson serve as the Apostolic Covering for TCOR Apostolic Network. As apostolic leaders they exemplify what apostolic leaders look like. 

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Apostle Dawn Johannes,
Regional Director

Apostle Dawn Johannes serve as the regional leader of TCOR. As the regional leader she serves directly under Apostle David and Wanda ensuring that each region needs are being met.

  • Coalition = An alliance, union into one body

  • Reformers = Bring about change in order to improve

  • Apostle = "One sent forth" by God to do a specific,,




The goal of TCOR Apostolic is to establish covenant relationships with apostolic men and women five-fold ministerial leaders. TCOR believes that as the Spirit of God restores the body of Christ to the place of power and authority she was ordained to operate in. 





As TCOR embraces the call given to God for the network our mission is to be able to bringsupportive strength to existing churches, ministries, leaders and people that believe in covenant relationships. We are a ministry that believes in relational commitment and accountability. 


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