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TCOR Apostolic International Ministries


The place where breakthrough and miracles occur

Prophetess Priscilla McQueen,

Senior Pastor

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Prophetess Priscilla McQueen was born in Durham, North Carolina. From the time that she could walk to her present she has been ministering in song. Prophetess Priscilla McQueen is an awesome psalmist that God uses to usher the people of God into the presence of God. She is also a teacher and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Prophetess Priscilla McQueen is not a novice when it comes to being and serving in ministry. She has gone through the ranks and in God’s due season has been promoted to the place where she is now serving in the Office of a Prophet and Pastor, which are two of the offices of the five-fold ministry.


During her years of ministry she also served in the office an armor-bearer for Apostle Wanda Wilkeson over 15 years faithfully. Presently she serves as pastor of T.C.O.R. (The Coalition of Reformers) Apostolic International Ministries located in Raleigh,


TCOR'S Mission

Our mission is to reach the loss, and to raise up men and women who show forth the love of God, and who walk in the power of God through the demonstration of signs and wonders. We focus on the importance of living a daily life


Our Purpose

We are an apostolic and prophetic, multi-cultural ministry called to train & equip disciples who will go forth to enlarge God's Kingdom on the earth. We teach men &

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