Words From Apostle Wanda

The LORD said that this is the season He has moved things out of the way for His people. He said what they missed last season He is causing His hand to come back around this time.The LORD said His people have asked Him for the supernatural. Now the LORD says this is the season that they shall experience the supernatural.The LORD says that the only way that the prophecy will not come to pass will not be because of the enemy but it will them who stops it. This is the season... to do for the LORD's favor has been released. It will be manifested in unexpected places. My people will go places and unexpectedly things will happen.



The body of Christ has just been shifted into another dimension in God, a dimension where the LORD is now stirring up the word of the LORD in the mouth of His apostles and prophets that have been given a divine mandate. The mandate that God has given to them is to go gather His remnant people together so that they can be restored as they receive a higher revelation of God's word which cause the gifts that He has placed within them to become activated., gifts that have been lying dormant within them.

As the Spirit of God does this God's remnant people will be empowered and strengthened to go forth bring a shaking to cities and nations.  What was once held in the heavenlies has now been released. God has placed a word in the mouth of  His apostles and prophetis that the heavens can no longer contain. The type of anointing that God has released and empowered them with is similar to the one the Prophet Ezekiel had  which had  the ability to bring resurrection to things which were once dead. 

As God’s people are brought to a higher level of revelation there will also be a higher level of worship released as well which will enable them to enter into a new dimension where their worship will be able to shake and penetrate the ground. It will have the ability to not only bring breakthough but to release the goods that the enemy has plundered. 

Up until now the church has only had a limited understanding of what breakthough is. While the church looks at breakthough as the end of a thing it is in reality the begninning of a thing. Breakthrough occurs when something has ended and another thing is about to begin.

Within in the body there many  who have received what I refer as partial breakthroughs. While they have gotten the breakthroug in one area they have not gone on to birth, establish and produce what receive what the breakthough gave them access to. They were so busy praising God over the breakthrough that they forgot to pick up the plunders from the breakthrough and go on to build and establish.

During this season and time we must move into a plundering mentality.  We must learn how to identify the thief from our last season and name everything that he was able to steal from us then begin decree a prophetic word of restoration and release that everything that was stolen shall be given back to us. The word of God lets us in Exodus 22:7b these words, if the thief be found, let him pay double. In this hour it is imperative that we allow our minds to take a paradgim shift from just receiving prophecy and breakthough to going on to  activate and produce what was prophesied over us.

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