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About Us

TCOR (The Coalition of Reformers is an apostolic and prophetic ministry that believes that God is restoring the 5-Fold Ministry back into His church. We believe that as He does the body will be able to operate as the hand of God within the church that is able to minister to the total man.

Apostle David and Wanda Wilkerson

Senior Pastors/

Apostolic Covering of TCOR

Prophetess Priscilla McQueen

Pastor of TCOR Apostolic

International Ministries, 

Raleigh, NC

Apostle Dawn Johannes

Regional Leader 

of Virignia Beach area

"Our meetings have been designed by God to release a sound on the earth that will shake the very strongholds on the earth that have been able to keep many in their grip."

-Apostle Wanda Wilkeson


TCOR's E-Church

Every Sunday at 12:30 p.m. est.

Rendering the Heavens Prayer

Every Tuesday at 7pm

Bible Study

 Every Wednesday at 7pm

Join TCOR live every Sunday at 12;30 p.m. est. on either Youtube, Periscope or Facebook. Each Sunday the word of the Lord is being declared and souls are being blessed, healed and delivered.

Both our bible study and intercessory prayer services are currently done via Zoom. 

If you'd like to join us please reach out to us below. 

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